Harvest Kiddy Choir

Harvest Praise’ provides a platform for the creation of healthy family relationships and projects values such as sharing, caring and a sense of belonging among others. This is the reason for the initiation of the kid’s program dubbed ‘Harvest Praise Kids’ (‘HP Kidz’) in 2014. ‘Harvest Praise’ has always been a family program therefore the introduction of ‘HP Kidz’ brings diversity to the platform from which the whole family can benefit.

‘HP Kidz’ targets children between the ages of 4 and 12. At ‘HP Kidz’, children gain a deeper understanding of Easter: the death and resurrection of Christ, through age appropriate activities. It is very interactive, with children engaging in choreography, music, art and drama. As part of the content, children are taught memory verses and songs. At some point the children are grouped according to their age for story time and bible lessons.

HP Kidz started with three hundred (300) children in 2014. In 2015, we increased the capacity to five hundred (500) children. However, the demand has been tremendous and therefore starting in 2016, ‘HP Kidz’ held heavily patronized sessions concurrently with both afternoon and evening sessions of ‘Harvest Praise’.

An additional similar program for children and their parents was initiated in 2016 dubbed ‘Easter Monday Fiesta’. This year this will take place on Easter Monday, April 17th 2016 at the headquarters of Harvest International Ministries, Tesano.